Las Delicias started late in the summer of 2021 after picking up a second-hand Riso machine in Amsterdam with a freshly brewed German driver's license. The dream of having my own riso practice developed over the past two years under the name of Studio Paraiso. In 2024, it was time to refresh and finally be able to clearly state what this space is all about.
Las Delicias is a room for thinking and producing around Risography. It is a space where people can come and print their projects, where workshops in collaboration with other designers, artists, illustrators and initiatives can happen, and it is a space to open up to create ideas all riso.
Las Delicias is a mindset. Las delicias are the delights—the small, slow, delicious, beautiful, community-created things that bring us together and give us a spark and a reason to be alive. 
Las Delicias is an excuse to think about riso and get together with others. 

Las Delicias? Rico, gracias!
Las Delicias


Waldemarstr. 38
10999 Berlin

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Juliana Toro